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Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Republican senator funnels campaign cash to nephew – after being elected

By Jackson Thoreau

Copyright 2003

New U.S. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas gave $900 in campaign funds to his 19-year-old nephew more than two weeks after the Nov. 5 election, listing the expense as “consulting” in his latest Federal Election Commission campaign report.
Cornyn, a Republican and former Texas attorney general, campaigned on his “high ethics” and blasted his Democratic opponent, Ron Kirk, for questionable ethics several times. Cornyn also had George W. Bush, a close friend who campaigned on restoring “honor” to the White House, return to Texas to campaign for him.
Giving campaign funds to family members is legal in Texas and by no means unusual, said Andrew Wheat, research director of Texans for Public Justice, an Austin-based organization that monitors campaign finances.
“Politicians put a premium on loyalty, which can be bred within families,” Wheat said. “This kind of thing can look questionable and raise questions about what the relative actually did or what his qualifications were. But when it is just $900, few people would think it worth investigating.”
But what makes this case smell more than usual is that candidates usually list the relative openly as receiving a salary in reports filed well before the election. That gives their opponents and media time to decide whether to make it a campaign issue before the election. Many times opponents have family members on the payroll themselves and won’t pursue the matter. Often the media has bigger fish to fry than a politician giving a few hundred dollars in campaign funds to a relative.
But Cornyn’s expense was sneaked in the post-election report, listing 19-year-old Gabriel B. Cornyn of San Antonio as a consultant in receiving the money on Nov. 22. Voters on Nov. 5 did not know about that family tie by Cornyn, as the payment has escaped notice by all media – local, state, and national. Gabriel Cornyn could not be located as doing political consulting work for any other candidate, and his name doesn’t come up in popular search engines. Neither Cornyn nor his campaign responded to requests for comment.
During the campaign, Kirk criticized Cornyn for taking $193,000 in campaign donations from Enron executives before the company went bankrupt and for making a decision that protected some of Enron’s financial secrets from ratepayers. Cornyn responded by questioning Kirk’s ethics as a former lobbyist for tobacco giant Philip Morris.
As attorney general, Cornyn helped start the Republican Attorneys General Association [RAGA]. In a 2000 RAGA fundraising appeal, Cornyn wrote that the group was started to stop those with “a wish list for future mass state lawsuits [targeting] car rental companies, pharmaceutical firms, makers of lead paint, and gun manufacturers,” according to Texans for Public Justice.
Among the beneficiaries of that association was Dallas businessman Harold Simmons, one of Cornyn’s top campaign contributors and owner of NL Industries, a leading producer of lead paint. Simmons hired Gale Norton before she become U.S. Interior Secretary to lobby Cornyn and other attorney generals not to follow Rhode Island’s example by suing lead paint makers for the cost of cleaning up the paint that can poison children’s brains.
RAGA refused to reveal its contributors. The association obtains funding through the Republican National State Elections Committee [RNSEC], according to Texans for Public Justice. In the 2000 election campaign, RNSEC received money from numerous donors that sought to curb lawsuits, including tobacco companies [$665,765], Simmons’ holding companies [$350,000], the National Rifle Association [$150,000], and Aetna, a health maintenance organization [$75,000].
As Texas attorney general, Cornyn did not pursue legal action against lead paint makers and gun manufacturers. He also allowed Aetna to settle a patient-protection lawsuit for free. Cornyn’s predecessor, Democrat Dan Morales, filed a 1998 lawsuit charging Aetna with millions of dollars in violations of state law by allegedly offering incentives to doctors to withhold medical care. Cornyn’s settlement merely required Aetna to start obeying the law and did not require the HMO to admit wrongdoing, pay a fine, or cover the state’s legal costs.
Another questionable ruling by Texas’ new senator was declaring unconstitutional a state law that forbid Texas from importing hazardous waste from abroad. The decision was applauded by waste companies, from which Cornyn took more than $100,000, according to Texans for Public Justice.
Even with such questionable decisions, Cornyn is not a far-right conservative by Texas standards. He has distanced himself from the Republican Party of Texas’ platform, which calls for abolishing the federal Department of Education, withdrawing from the United Nations, and banning abortions, among other far-right positions.
Still, the sneaky payment to Cornyn’s nephew, his prior favorable decisions for campaign contributors, and hypocritical campaigning in 2002 show Cornyn to be another Republican politician who talks the talk when it comes to ethics but doesn’t walk the walk.

Jackson Thoreau is co-author of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House. The updated, 120,000-word electronic book can be downloaded on his Internet site at http://www.geocities.com/jacksonthor/ebook.html. Citizens for Legitimate Government has the earlier version at http://www.legitgov.org/we_will_not_get_over_it.html. Thoreau can be emailed at jacksonthor@justice.com.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Still another example of what is wrong with race relations on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

I sailed on the Carnival Cruise Lines Fastasy for the New Year's celebration and what a turn off.
On New Year's eve when everyone was on the deck celebrating, a white man walked over and said "Happy New Year's tar baby". Not only that but they would not ride on the elevators with anyone black. If you were on the elevator they would not get on and if the elevator stopped and you got on
they would get off.
Also while we were in Freeport, Bahamas, we got a cab to go shopping. Four of us were in the front of the line and 10 whites were behind us. A 15-passenger cab pulled up and we got in, when we would not
move to the back of the cab, they did get in but before the cab drove off they all got out.
Another friend wanted to go shopping and the cab had 2 white couples already in the cab and when the driver told her he would drop her off, they replied, "We don't want her in our cab."
I am a part time travel agent and have travelled around the world, including cruising since 1962, but I have never been exposed to such poor white trash in my life.
I am deeply concerned because Carnival Cruise Line canvases all of the black churches throughout the US and has no one in the administive office of color. There were approximately 80 blacks on this cruise with approximately 1,200 whites. I hate to think of what a brawl could have occurred, especially on a cruise ship. I wrote to the president of Carnival Cruise Line, but as of this date he has not answered. I guess he will just ignore it until they have to deal with a riot on board.
I hope this will add to the problems that we are currently facing because the Republican administration makes them believe that it's okay.
Beverly G.

And here's one calling ME evil, with my response:

Judging by your callous use of sweeping, stereotypical, untrue lies about
Republicans, I have concluded you're onevulgar ball of HATE...revealing the deep
rascism in yourself! I am sending your vile rant to everyone I know...as example
of how pure, evil hate can burn out of control in a person. I'm a lifelong
independent, but the shit you're peddling in the name of Democrats does your
party no fucking good! You're nothing but a undiluted vessel of hate! I don't
have to tell you to go hell because you're already there! You are evil, man.
Lauriat J., Hades

My response:
Thanks for writing. Have you ever heard of the saying, "What you see in others is a mirror of yourself?" Talk about the pot calling the kettle black....And thanks for forwarding my column. It's gotten some good exposure.

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