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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

My letter to Comcast, a cable TV firm in the DC area that refused to run some ads paid for by Peace Action Education Fund:


Dear Mitchell Schmale,

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure at your company's undemocratic decision not to run the ad in which people voiced their opposition to the Iraqi invasion. That was obviously a political act by your company to score points with the Bush administration.

Don't give me that BS lie about unsubstantiated claims. Every ad run on TV has unsubstantiated claims, if you want to see it that way. Bush's speech was full of unsubstantiated claims.

As part of the media, you should not be working in concert with the government. You should be a watchdog. I have worked in the media as a reporter for 23 years so I know what I'm talking about. I find decisions like yours extremely disheartening and contributing to the loss of democracy in our country.

Please tell your company's execs to refrain from making such a decision in the future.


Jackson Thoreau

Satire of the Day on Bush's Mis-State of the Dis-Union Address:


ACTION ALERT: Join an international, mass-movement, flyer action against the invasion of Iraq.


Tuesday, January 28, 2003

GOP Decoder for Bush's bogus State of the Union address

When 43 gives his, all lies, all of the time, State of the Union Address, here is the key to understanding it! He will give all of the money to the top 1%, his “Pioneer” contributors.

Domestic policy
He will give all of the money to the top 1%! He will slash all domestic policy budgets. WHY? To fund them adequately he would not be able to give all of the money to the top 1%.
His welfare policy is to give all of the money to the top 1%, even though they don’t need it! His bogus “economic stimulus” policy is to give all of the money to the top 1%, even though they won’t spend it and therefore won’t stimulate the economy.
His “leave no child behind policy” won’t work because he is giving all of the money to the top 1%, so there is no money to adequately fund this purported priority of his. Prescription drugs, Medicare and Social Security enhancements, Energy and Environment policies, have one thing in common, he will give all of the money to the top 1%.
These programs only will be funded so as to help the service providers, who luckily have been given the authority to write the policies, and they will shaft the people who have to use the alleged services.
There is a tax cut for the rich while increasing the taxes on the “lucky duckies” who make less than $18,000 a year.
Now this latest scam takes balls! He sanctimoniously uses the same evil phrases that Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, 41 used about “tough love”, and making the down and out be responsible for their future. Conservatism means trying to keep things the same, and this group just rehashes earlier jargon, failed criminals and stupid policies, ad-infinitum. It has always been a crock!

Compassionate Conservatism
He will give all of the money to the top 1%. Poppy 41’s “thousand points of light”, Reagan’s empty, “just say no” anti-drug campaign, and 43’s “Compassionate Conservatism”, all are the same. They cost nothing and will provide the same!
Are all of the eerily silent of protest liberal media in cahoots? Can’t be -- because as of now they have been virtually non-existent in detailing all of the obvious crimes of this current group! Even with their complicity with the GOP on Dec. 2, 2002, all of the major newspapers reported about the Esquire article in which a 43 flunky, John DiIulio, a former high-level official in the Bush administration, charges Bush with "a virtual absence as yet of any policy accomplishments that might, to a fair-minded nonpartisan, count as the flesh on the bones of so-called compassionate conservatism."
The very evil ploy of passing as an executive order, his “faith-based initiatives”, will soon be used to distract a few stupid, uninterested voters for him in 2004, while he is cutting back all of their social services. He says that he cares for us while he is letting our elderly parents decide between eating dog food or having a prescription medicine.
Soon, only a select few people will have jobs because of the way 43 is destroying our economy. Coming on schedule is his plot that only a few will be able to afford to send their children to a school in which they can get a decent education. This is all working swell in 43’s plan to have a tiny ultra-rich class and the rest of the U.S. shining their shoes and begging for handouts -- dying before our time because of lack of medicine and medical care, and being blown up by terrorists and as soldiers in the “everlasting war against terrorism."

Foreign policy
He will give all of the money to the top 1%. This lazy, disinterested goof, who while running for president just two years ago, was criticized for being completely inept in foreign policy, is now being praised by the GOP as being an international genius.
He is choosing wars for oil as it has worked out swell with the Afghanistan, Turkmenistan oil project. Soon he hopes he will have his hands on Iraq’s oil. His duplicitous Texas oil buddies have their dirty little fingers in these pies, and 43 will get his cut! His wars are nicely profiting Poppy and his Carlyle pals.
Ending the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty blew up in his face, as the Democrats warned. Their valid concern was the United States could trigger a new arms race by abandoning the treaty. It would cause a proliferation in the nuclear capabilities of countries who could rightfully justify there actions by saying that they needed more nuclear warheads to be on an open playing field with the U.S. This entire policy has already failed! Star Wars produced nothing! Our Navy Department gave up on its version of Star Wars.
If 43 doesn’t want to honor international treaties, such as the ABM treaty and the Kyoto environmental treaty, then the world has every justification to call him the “bullying Cowboy moron” -- as they have, and this sort of backlash will continually happen.

Intelligence Altering for Iraq 2 and Gathering
The U.S. foreign Intelligence gathering agency, the CIA, have been under increasing pressure to come up with anything, be it based in fact or not, that supports the foolish push toward a second Iraq war. They can’t!
As a matter of fact, they say that the only way that Hussein will use his weapons of mass-destruction is if we invade them. Isn’t that as bizarre as a convoluted Kafka novel, or at least in the genre of the double-speak Orwellian tale?
The only way that we get the only action we don’t want is if we push forward in a war that the whole world is begging us not to do. Somehow we can’t stop, although it would be truly easy to do so, as this wrong course of action on our part is the only way that we can seemingly go in 43’s insane world.
The Pentagon's war against the CIA relies heavily on intelligence from the Iraqi National Congress. Sadly, most intelligence gathering hands with long experience in dealing with that country's tumultuous politics consider the INC's intelligence-gathering abilities to be nearly nil. Yet, Perle, Woolsey and the Pentagon's policy-makers increasingly use the INC as their primary source of information about Iraq's weapons programs, its relationship to terrorism and its internal political dynamics. The gibberish and lies find their way into 43’s mouth and spewed out to us as the truth!
Under the Homeland Security Act a top-secret Pentagon program known as Total Information Awareness, run by convicted Iran-Contra criminal, Dr. Poindexter, hopes to have a computer system ready as early as 2004, potentially giving Uncle Sam the powers of Big Brother, the omnipresent state in George Orwell's 1984. Poindexter, who was let go by the judges appointed by 43’s Poppy, never saw a law he didn’t break if it slowed him down! He will have a database of all of us, and who will have access to it? The GOP will use it just as they had Nixon’s lists during his evil regime.

Homeland Security
The history of this is truly evil! Why haven’t the moderate newspapers blown the lid off of this? This Office of Homeland Security, was squashed by the GOP for nine months, with all of 43’s operatives arguing that no department was needed. Why all of this perfidy? HERR ROVE planned it so that the GOP, particularly the boob front-man, could use it against the Democrats in the 2002 mid-term elections.
Who could ever forget the ROVE inspired treachery that the GOP used to beat Max Cleland? Then there was the sudden, politically-timed reversal in June 2002. This resulted in the most significant reorganization of the federal government since the creation of the Department of Defense, receiving talking-points caliber deliberation. The evil GOP then attached evil, non-related to Homeland Security riders to their bill. The riders got the pharmaceutical companies off the hook, particularly Eli Lilly. What does that have to do with Homeland Security? As far as a reasonable person can see nothing, but the pharmaceutical companies paid their way into 43’s favor by contributing to the GOP coffers.

Rehabilitating GOP criminals
Poindexter, Otto Reich and Ollie North are GOP criminals who have been rehabilitated to serve big brother 43, the first two in governmental positions and the third being connected with 43’s buddy, Roger Allies at Fox! You remember him as the guy who wrote 43 the love letter after 9-11 instructing the fool to use the tragedy to his advantage.

9-11 Investigation
Speaking of GOP thugs from yesteryear how can we forget Kissinger? During Tricky Dick’s evil regime this thug was responsible for trying to stop Ellsburg’s release of the Pentagon Papers. The world considers him to be a war-criminal. Who else would 43 hand pick to lead the 9-11 Investigation?

Just as with Kissinger, Harvey Pitts was the guy who would let all of the GOP criminals off! That is why he was chosen! He had to recuse himself from so many of the SEC investigations because of conflicts of interests that it soon became apparent that he was appointed not to crackdown on corporate crime, but to facilitate them.
So his policies stink and have one goal: He will give all of the money to the top 1%. If you are not in that select group, don’t vote for him!
Bob Connors

Another response to the "compassionate conservative" who calls Clinton a "rapist," among other charges

I'd take a closer look into these allegation claiming President Clinton helped Enron and McAuliffe bailed out of Global Crossing "just before" they went bankrupt. In fact, Clinton prevented Enron from moving intro California and "raping" that state. Bush opened the door to the $billion swindle, which would dwarf any special favors Enron supposedly got under Clinton. Just like the Clinton "rapes." It never happened.
Enron and other multinationals make their own deals with foreign nations -- like Cheney's Haliburton made a sweet deal to help Saddam Hussein just a few years ago. Of course Cheney lies about that. Also, Bush's oil buddied met with the Taliban in Texas as recently as 1997!
Terry McAuliffe never was an officer of Global, he was a venture capitalist -- a Republican hero in every regard -- who put up seed money for all sorts of ventures. Most failed, giving him a negative return but one was a "home run," and paid off very very well.
Contrast that against Bush's insider status when he traded on special knowledge, breaking a vow not to capitalize illegally on his role on the auditing committee, and violating the advice of the Harken corporate attorneys who called selling stock in that time period illegal insider trading.
Bush still won't tell us who bought his huge cache of stock! Not so oddly, the SEC run by his father's pals chose not to investigate this matter. At all. I think Martha Stewart has a good claim for unequal protection under the law, as she wasn't even an insider like Bush!
Of course, Enron supported Bush and the GOP much more than they ever supported Clinton, Gore or the Democrats.
Kenny Boy Lay stayed over at the Bush I White House -- not the Clinton White House as some tried to claim. AWOL Bush did indeed have business relations with that man, Kenny Boy Lay, then Bush lied about them. Put him under oath and ask just how close those relations were, and his roles in Harken and the "Funeralgate" matter -- shall we?
Mike Hersh

Monday, January 27, 2003

Another "compassionate conservative," return-civility-back-to-Washington Bush supporter sends me a harsh email

How come you never wrote articles on "Slick Willie" the rapist, when he accepted a $100,000 contribution from Ken Lay of Enron, because "Numb Nuts" approved a $300 million dollar plant in India or when he sold nuclear technology to China for campaign contributions. Or, when Terry(PUNK) McAuliffe, DNC Chairman, was a lobbyist for Global Crossing and made $18 million dollars for a $100,000 investment (18,000% profit) just before they filed for bankruptcy. I'll tell you why, because you are a PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical liberal demoCRAP spin, you are only concerned about $900.

My response:
Ask Limbaugh and other Republicanazi spinsters why they have never written about Republicanazi's sins, and you will get your answer. I never claimed to be an unbiased columnist. We all have biases; there are more than enough people like Limbaugh writing against Democrats that I don't often choose to do so. I have written columns critical of Democrats, including this one here against Democrats like Sen. Joe Lieberman wrapping himself around the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance flap.

Then here is a nicer letter, at least from my vantage point:

It seems that anything that is immoral or illegal is legal in Texas. Give Texas back to Mexico, along with all the right-wing gringos. Would Mexico still want Texas?
I guess Texans breed among themselves much the same way they breed their cattle.

<"Politicians put a premium on loyalty, which can be bred within families," Wheat said. "This kind of thing can look questionable and raise questions about what the relative actually did or what his qualifications were. But when it is just $900, few people would think it worth investigating.">>

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