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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

CNN bias against Clinton

It was clear on NBC's Dateline that NASA engineer Don Nelson wrote Bush last year -- begging for presidential intervention in the shuttle program because of safety problems. Bush ignored the plea for help.
But last night on CNN, they showed a picture of Clinton 3 years ago (and none of Bush) just before the engineer said, "I wrote the president."
CNN -- "the most trusted source for news" -- needs to be held accountable for manipulating the public and for hiding Bush's negligence.
You can comment by e-mailing cnn@cnn.com.
Connie C.S.

More on Bush, the Iraq war, and other matters:

43 will get the boob vote, as being one they identify with him, and HERR ROVE knows how, and when, to appeal to them!
Anyone who has to write more than a paragraph to summarize 43’s state of the union address doesn’t get it! His only audience, ever, is the vast, missing in action, U.S.-boob-tube-viewing, beer-swilling citizens. Those primarily, red state drones, who identify with their disinterested role model, the failed son, of an awful, “vision challenged” the loser, Poppy 41, are the only people who matter to HERR ROVE. The plan is to get the scene of our young boys in body bags dying for Iraqi oil, finished by mid-spring of 2003.
That will give 43 plenty of time to steal more money for the top 1%, primarily via tax cuts, before he starts his 2004 campaign of lies. These tax cuts are also excellent at reducing the dwindling source of money for the domestic budgets—which the GOP has always wanted to slash. 43 can look us in the eye and say the tax cuts will stimulate the economy--in fact he could take a polygraph test to that effect, because in his distorted reality, the top 1%, his “Pioneer buddies, is the entire world! What he can’t give them in tax cuts he can filter their way through defense contracts to his Carlyle buddies, and other means, such as ripping off the elderly by giving the pharmaceuticals all of the money they can stuff in their pockets for prescription drugs, and letting corporate executives write policy for their financial benefit, such as “Kenny Boy” fleecing, principally California, for Enron’s benefit! If 43 can look us in the eye and say his S.E.C. is doing swell on policing corporate crimes, then he can lie about anything else. HERR ROVE knows if you are in for a penny you’re in all of the way, and a huge lie, convincingly told, to stupid morons, is all the GOP needs to swing the 2004 election. They don’t have to be artful or particularly compelling debates, because the GOP propaganda machine includes 99% of the mass media!
Democrats have to win in 2004 to restore peace to the world!
If the world is to have a chance, the Democrats better learn now, to get sound bite messages, directed at people who they can sway, because that is all that the dolts can be expected to absorb. If we don’t win in 2004, the world will be in danger. In a survey in England recently, the U.S., not Hussein or bin laden, was voted to be the major source of threat in the world. That is a survey in the one country in which its leader, Blair, has steadfastly supported the boob’s 2nd Bush family against Iraq war! At least 41 had a tissue paper thin excuse for that war. He could garble, “We can’t let naked aggression stand!”, while Bob Dole who was eyeing the next election said that the war was for Iraq’s oil. 41 muzzled Dole.
Have to get the message out even though the GOP media favorably covers 43 exclusively!
Now, 43 has all of the mass media, with few exceptions, under his influence. When HERR ROVE gives Limbaugh, Hammity, the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal the instruction on how to spin 43’s state of the union address, and they all parrot it exactly the same way, it is pretty clear. Now, 10 GOP oriented companies own 90% percent of the media. It is the nightmare that the book “Citizen Kane” foretold, media magnates winning elections for their chosen ones. It is FOX’s Roger Allies writing 43 love letters after 9-11 explaining to the boob how he could use the tragedy for his political advantage. It is the GOP Iran-Contra war criminal, Ollie North getting a high paying gig on FOX and hosting a show, War Heroes”. It is 43 appointing another GOP war criminal, Kissinger, who had millions of people’s blood on his filthy hands, as head of 9-11 and the media not revolting against the evil hypocrisy of that selection! It is the media letting 43 and 41’s appointed U.S. Supreme Court judges, stealing the 2000 election and telling the person, who was cheated, to concede defeat early, rather than upset the country. The country has been ruined since that day! If that atrocity had happened in a 3rd world country, the U.S. would have supervised a new election, but here the media supports a fool therefore being complicit stealing the election!
Lies all of the time about Iraq!
For public attribution, about the upcoming Cheney U.N. speech, a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity , "There are some countries, some elements of public opinion, that think the U.S. needs a smoking gun of some sort," . "Well we don't have a smoking gun and Powell's not coming with it."
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "No one will be able to evade the absolute conclusion about Saddam Hussein's denial, deception, his absolute lack of willingness to show any sign of disarmament motive in his mind". Does this amount to reasons for starting a war? The world doesn’t think so.
That means the poor soul, Colin Powell, who started out as the voice of reason against the Bush neo-con hawks, will have to convince the U.N. with card tricks or sleight of hand. The U.N. won’t buy Powell’s speech, but some of them, let’s pray not many, will take U.S. money, to approve of this upcoming war. Armitrage, a neo-con insider with 43, also admitted that much of what 43 said, in the state of the union lie/drivel regarding the justifications for the 2nd Iraq war, was not clearly based on facts. Armitrage also said that the 43 team should back off on the lie they have been spewing for months about Iraq having tubing that according to 43 team, “can only be intended for nuclear uses.“. In an article, representative of objective reality, dated September 23, 2002, “Aluminum Tubing Is an Indicator of an Iraqi Gas Centrifuge Program: But Is the Tubing Specifically for Centrifuges?”, this quote shows the truth, “Other U.S. intelligence and nuclear analysts, however, have challenged the conclusion that the tubes could only be intended for a gas centrifuge program. These analysts have concluded that although the tubes may have been intended for gas centrifuges, they are "dual-use" items that could have been intended for non-nuclear uses. Some experts said that the tubes could be for conventional artillery rockets. Thus, the dispute is whether enough evidence exists to state that the tubes were definitely ordered for the gas centrifuge program“. They have been lying about this since the spring of 2002, and the media has allowed them to!
You hear them mumble about protecting sources and methods. Does getting a few new sources and methods cost as much as the $100 billion contribution that our allies made to Iraq 1? Bloody perfidy, it doesn’t, but the mass media doesn’t ever mention this! WHY?
Lying about a war, for Bush’s ratings, and his Carlyle buddies to make a few bucks, will cost us our youth’s blood ! How can the media not be all over this?
Admitting that they are lying about Iraq!
Armitrage is the first insider who has admitted openly, recently, that 43’s team is not saying things that are clearly based on facts, Isn’t that double-speak for lying? For months we have known that the junk dribbling out of 43’s team is not at all related to the truth. We have seen articles about how the CIA information is being altered by the spinners for 43’s speeches. We have seen the Pentagon open, and be forced to close, an “Office of Disinformation”. We have seen how 43 is trying to get the CIA to get facts, and alter them however they want, to agree with his rationale of attacking Iraq. The CIA, which has never been known to be obsessed with the truth, can’t force itself to agree with 43. As a matter of fact the CIA is clearly warning the world that the only sure way to get Hussein to use his weapons of mass destruction is by starting a war purportedly to prevent him from using his weapons of mass destruction . This makes my head hurt! It is a failed syllogism in Philosophy 101, but the dolt would never have been bothered with following the rules of logic!
Guess what--43 tried to get his “faith based initiative: passed by Congress. When they threw it out 43, made it an executive order. If they want to lie to the public about Iraq they will and they then won’t have to worry about a current day Ellsburg getting them for lying, as they are spinning that they have to lie to get the world to understand its pious, sanctimonious line of lies for Iraq 2! I’ve even heard them say that they are trying to bring peace to Iraq! When the bombs start hitting the cities, and the collateral damage gets out of control, they will be self-righteously lying fools and mumble that they had to accept these numbers of casualties. The war, they will proclaim, was necessary to protect us, and our allies, from the country, Iraq, that barely has a pot to piss in, and the entire world is satisfied with keeping under control simply with maintaining the sanctions and the inspections regimes!
A source that hasn’t been seen in the U.S. GOP controlled print media and will never be seen on the Cable boob tube shows!
In the January 31, 2003 article, “Global Eye -- Kean Insight” by Chris Floyd , he writes about retired New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, being named Kissinger's 9-11 Investigation replacement. Kean is described as a "safe pair of hands," by the professional spinners in the mainstream media. Floyd continues, “Fortune Magazine reports this week that both Kean and Bush share an unusually well-placed business partner: one Khalid bin Mahfouz -- perhaps better known as "Osama bin Laden's bagman" or even "Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law." He concludes that, “ Kean is a director of Amerada Hess, an oil giant married up to Saudi Arabia's Delta Oil in a venture to pump black gold in Azerbaijan. (The partnership is incorporated in a secretive offshore "tax haven," natch. You can't expect a worthy like Kean to pay taxes like some grubby wage slave.)” Clinton desperately tried to reign in these offshore dodges, but the GOP controlled Congress wouldn’t go along with it. One of those cut-outs was Mahfouz factotum James Bath, a partner in George W.'s early oil venture, Arbusto, who has admitted serving as a pass-through for secret Saudi money. It is easy to keep connecting the dots when you see that years later, when Bush's maladroit business skills were about to sink another of his companies, Harken Energy, the firm was saved by a $25 million investment from a Swiss bank -- a subsidiary of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, partly owned by the beneficent Mahfouz. The U.S. Senate labeled BCI as, "one of the largest criminal enterprises in history". It doesn’t end there as Floyd concludes that, “ Somehow we doubt that worthy Kean will poke very hard at the nexus of intersections between his own business partner, Mahfouz, and the bin Ladens, the Bushes, the Saudi royals, Saddam, the CIA and BCCI.”.
Why will this not be investigated?!
43 controls the media. Like the old TV show, “Outer Limits”, HERR ROVE tells us what we can view and his spinners explain to the boob tube fools what the proper explanation of the facts are. HERR ROVE wants 43 to get some extra bucks now in case he does not win in 2004 and the U.S. Supreme Court can’t steal the presidency again. The bottom line is all GOP thugs know!
Bob Connors

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